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All of our courses and workshops are facilitated using experiential learning activities, group discussion, and individual reflection.  Our primary focus, in most of our workshops, is on working with children psychosocially within their given context. 


Please contact us to see how we can help you and/or your organisation work more effectlively with the children in your sphere of influence.


These are the courses we currently offer but we are always developing new ones and will adapt courses to suit your needs.

  • Introduction to Resilience Building for Caregivers

    • 5 day workshop

  • Core Principles of Resilience Building

    • half-day

    • full-day workshop

  • Resilience Building Focus Topics  

    • half-day workshop

    • full-day workshop

  • Core Principles of Parenting for Resilience

    • full-day workshop


  • Parenting for Resilience

    • 6 half-day sessions​​


  • Community Child Care Forum

    • 2 or more days


  • Running Kids Clubs or other activities

    • 1 day


  • Running Support Groups for Carers

    • 2 or more days


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