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Remember that we are willing to adapt, adjust and even develop training to suit your context

Resilience Building for Caregivers


This is a 5 day experiential learning workshop introducing a range of aspects relevant to offering effective psychosocial support to children.


Topics covered include the Core Principles of Resilience Building; Child Development; Loss, Grief and Abuse; Self Care for the caregiver; How to integrate Resilience Building into your context.


Core Principles of Resilience Building


These are half-day or full-day workshops designed to introduce the basics of Resilience and Resilience Building.  

The half-day workshop covers - Value, Identity, Core Beliefs, Circles of Control, Resilience Basics, and Emotions.  

The full-day workshop takes the half-day topics a little deeper, and adds - Listening, Play, Looking Beyond Behaviour, Handling Emotions and Conflict.

It is possible, and sometimes advisable, to cover the full-day workshop topics over two separate half-day workshops.


Core Principles of Resilience Building Parenting


This workshop is designed to introduce parents to the core principles of resilience as they apply to raising children.  Topics include, Value, Names, Resilience, Listening, Playing, and Discipline.


Parenting for Resilience


This course, over six sessions, looks deeper at the topics covered in Core Principles of Resilience Building Parenting and also includes other topics such as Dealing with Change, Loss & Grief, Ages & Stages, Love Languages, and Learning Styles


Resilience Building - Change, Loss & Grief

In life change is inevitable, as is loss.  In fact change is a kind of loss.  Loss needs to be grieved well if we are to remain resilient.  In this one-day workshop we look at how to help children deal with change, loss & grief in ways that promote resilience.


Community Child Care Forum

This workshop over 2 or more days is designed to help organisations to establish or strengthen a system where everyone in a community - organisations, government departments, and others working with children - works together to make the community a more child friendly community.


Running Kids Clubs or other activities

This workshop one day workshop is designed to help with how to apply Resilience Building to planning, preparing and running Kids Clubs, Support Groups or other activities with children.  It is aimed at those who have already attended Resilience Builder workshops and have the basic knowledge and skills.


Running Support Groups for Carers

This workshop is to help create peer support groups for those working with children.


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