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noun    re·sil·ience    \ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s\


the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens


Imagine a world where there is no trauma, no violence. A world where children are safe and well cared for, and above all loved.  A world where there are no orphans; where there is no abuse.  A world where all adults protect all children. We have to imagine such a world because it is not the world we live in.  In our real world children are vulnerable.


And so, facing the reality of the world as it is but with that imagined world at the back of our minds we need to equip our children to thrive in the real world. We need our vulnerable children, which in some way or another means every child, to become resilient kids.


Being resilient doesn’t mean that a child goes through life without experiencing bad things. We can think of resilience as the ability to thrive even after facing setbacks and hardships.


For our children to become resilient we need equipped and empowered adults, who are themselves becoming more and more resilient, to care for and nurture our children. 



Resilient Kids SA was born out of the desire to see our children, our adults, our communities, and even our nation - but especially our children - become resilient - resilient kids. With resilience we can begin to break the cycle of violence, poverty, abuse and other trauma that is the reality for many.  We provide different kinds of training for adults and youth, we run camps and other interventions for children and youth, we offer a consultation service to organisations and churches wishing to develop resilience building children and youth programmes, and we are part of networks and forums which advocate for children.


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