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noun    re·sil·ience    \ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s\


the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens

Did you know that in circles and resilience are almost identical?

Current Projects

Following our recent involvement with Camp Africa, we are about to facilitate some training with house mothers from Home from Home and are meeting with the social worker at The Ark to see how we can stay involved with the children we met from their school.


We are facilitating a series of workshops with community health workers for Hope Cape Town.


In October we will facilitate training, and hopefully a camp, with the team of staff and students coming from BBS Goslar-Bassgeige/Seesen - a school in Germany that we have built a relationship with since 2010.  This will be the second team to come to Cape Town.


Later in the year Kay will once again facilitate sessions at The Dignity Campaign's Facilitator training week and at YWAM's Children at Risk School 


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