By interventions we mean, programs where work is done directly with children.  This could be at home with a family, at school, church or other community context, or at a residential camp.


Family Resilience Building Program

Sometimes parents want individual help with their children or family. Aware of this need, we offer a 6 session family program where we come to your home and work with your child or children.  For more information on this program please contact us.


Programs for Foster and Adoption Families

In partnership with skilled consultants we have a range of programs available to help parents (and other family members) who have taken a child into their family.  For more information on these programs please contact us.



Working with children and youth in settings different from their usual environment, even for a few days, can be life changing.  Working with partners we can provide an experiential learning program that combines outdoor physical challenges with indoor activities and reflection.  The program is adapted for each group, depending on the aims and needs but the heart is always to equip children with resilience skills that they can then apply in their day to day world.  For more information please contact us.


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