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At Resilient Kids SA we believe that everyone’s story is important and that telling that story is a part of the process towards becoming resilient. Every story has multiple strands that weave together to make the whole.  To change the analogy, our lives are like rivers made up of and fed by many tributaries and streams, some of which are underground.  We believe this is true of both individuals and communities.  We believe that uncovering, owning, grieving, celebrating, reframing, and participating in our story is part of the process towards wholeness.  We also believe that it is a lifelong process.

Just as we encourage people to explore their own stories it is important for us, as an organisation and as individuals in the team, to discover and tell our own stories.  The Resilient Kids story can be found in the our history section.  Here you will find the team member's individual stories – or the parts, streams, threads that are relevant to the work.   READ MORE

Holger Lorentz 

Logistics and catering

Kay Lorentz 

Director and facilitator


Kay has many years of experience working as a trainer and counsellor in different NGOs and local churches that work with at risk children – both in South Africa and other African countries. Through her employment at different times with, amongst others, YWAM, Beautiful Gate, Philippi Trust SA, Resilient Kids SA, Connect Network and The Father’s House Christian Fellowship, Kay has honed her skills in developing and implementing training initiatives that equip others to promote the well-being of children, especially those in challenging situations. In addition to holding teaching and counselling diplomas, Kay is a Child Care Forum Master Trainer, accredited through WITS University and UNICEF.


Barbara Clarke

Facilitator and admin

Barbara was a high school teacher for over 20 years, teaching in a variety of schools in England, Zimbabwe, and Cape Town.  Although facilitating training spaces for adults and children is very different, many of the skills she acquired in the classroom have been helpful.  Much of her strength and ability as a facilitator was gained through her experience running courses and programs for a variety of churches, with Aloe Christian Foundation,and later with Philippi Trust SA, Resilient Kids SA and MercyAIDS.   As well as facilitating the training, Barbara also develops training resources for the different contexts.  She is an accredited Child Care Forum Master Trainer.


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