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noun    re·sil·ience    \ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s\


the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens

Did you know that in circles and resilience are almost identical?

Our history in words

Resilient Kids SA was first launched in 2009 to carry forward the Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s programme of Philippi Trust SA. Since 2005, as part of their efforts to provide counselling, counselling training, and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS, Philippi Trust SA had worked with children as well as adults.  They had offered, along with their counselling courses, An Introduction to Psycho-social support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, and had facilitated experiential learning camps designed to begin to address the psycho-social needs of the most vulnerable of our children.

In 2012 the process of becoming a separate organisation began.

In 2014 we were registered as an NPO with the Department of Social Development.

In 2015 we received PBO and Section 18a status from SARS.

From the time of Philippi Trust’s OVC programmes, through the shift in focus that became Resilient Kids SA, we have continued to expand:


  • ‘An Introduction to Psycho-social support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children’ became the basis of our Introduction to Resilience Building.

  • We added other workshops and courses, and we continue to develop customised Resilience Building workshops to meet the specific needs of organisations, churches and communities.  

  • We developed a community model for resilience building which has been and still is implemented in a variety of contexts.  

  • The impacts of our training and our interventions with children have been the subject of doctoral research projects. 

  • We became master trainers for Community Child Care Forums. 

  • We have continued to work directly with children on camps and in other contexts.  

  • We offer advice and support to organisations and churches wishing to promote resilience in their context. 

  • We belong to a growing number of networks aimed at promoting resilience for children, adults and communities.


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